Lately, I’ve been thinking about the distinction between a description and a prescription. Specifically, about whether a description of a scenario or set of circumstances also qualifies as a prescription for that scenario or set of circumstances. The answer (rather obviously in my view) is a resounding No. For example, it does not follow that a description of slavery is also a prescription for slavery as a valid form of social organisation. Nor does it follow that slavery is a ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ state shared by those subjected to it. This got me thinking about the ‘New Agers’ out there, the ones who believe we’re all one Christ-like consciousness and regard the individual ego as something antithetical to the full realisation of this collective ‘hive mind‘. Aspects of this weird reality we’re presented with certainly indicate that we’re connected in some way, but does it follow from this that we should be connected, or that this connection is ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, something desirable that must be nurtured and developed?

To understand just how weird our ‘reality’ really is, consider the following. Yesterday, I was walking through a shopping centre when I heard a line from the Madonna (Holy Mother) song “Like A Prayer”. The line was “Just like a prayer, I’ll take you there, It’s like a dream to me”. Coincidentally (of course) it just happened to describe how I was feeling at the time: stuck in a dream I’m unable to wake from. Later, I found myself thinking about Mother, the artificial intelligence from the Alien franchise. Then I visited Merovee and saw a reference to sanctuary in one of the comments. Sanctuary is a Logan’s Run reference, another film I’ve written about recently.

We will begin surrogation…your surrogates are engaged…

Shortly before sitting down to eat my evening meal, I thought about the link between ‘smoking’ and ‘seeking’. If you don’t see the link then just turn the ‘m’ in ‘smoking’ 90 degrees counterclockwise and consider that The Program employs vowel substitution. A few days prior to this, a comment I posted on Merovee last year popped into my head. The comment was a deliberate play on The Program as a movie-like projection and centered on the return of Apollo 11 and the Sea King helicopter used to recover the space capsule from the ocean.

Frank, do you knot re-member Sammy Jankis? Osiris was dis-re-membered and, like the story of All The King’s Men and Humpty-Dumpty, ISIS had to play Detective and put all the pieces together again. Butt she came up short one piece…

From John: “Now there was Set, a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a sponge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth”

Jesus said “Eye thirst” butt ‘vinegar’ is an odd thing to give to a thirsty man is it knot? So there was Set and he was a ‘vessel’ full of ‘vinegar’ and now we know what ‘vinegar’ he was thirsting for.

Fade in:

Spirit hovering over the face of the waters holding Philip K Dick. Close-up on Deep Blue move-eye reel for see-men come shot, the Figure Being from Outer Space move-eye reel-ed in on fishing line. Water water everywhere, butt knot a drop to drink when Uranus all at see-men…

Whilst eating my meal, I decided to re-watch some of Zardoz. I just opened the AVI file and randomly clicked the timeline. This was the first line of dialogue.

Later, I thought about writing a sequel to a novella I completed shortly before Christmas. It was a Nazi-themed black comedy which paid homage to a number of films, one of which was “The Empire Strikes Back”. I decided not to proceed with it, then went off on a tangent and started thinking about Shakespeare and “All the world’s a stage”. Then I visited the Daily Mail online and saw the following articles.

Aside from the obvious Star Wars reference, the word ‘dubbing’ immediately leapt out at me. I read it as ‘drugging’ and this triggered a memory of something I referred to in another recent post: being drugged and robbed on a journey from Nairobi to Mombasa. I scrolled down, and when I let go of the mouse wheel the first story I saw was this one, about surrogate twins called Kenya and Nyobi. (K)Enya is the ‘Return to Innocence’. Last year, I was asked to ‘ghost write’ another novel, and yesterday I received an email from that book’s ‘author’ asking for my help with a story about an innocent man being pursued by the CIA.

Then I scrolled down again (I actually close my eyes, scroll down, then open them) and the first story I saw was this one.

The ‘Hot House’ and something about longevity. Memories and Incept(ion) Dates. Are replicants a benefit or are they Zardoz-ous?

Another mouse gesture served up this story. Here, the ‘lesbians’ have become ‘thespians’ (and, of course, ‘the aliens’ with ESP in the CIA). The ‘Cabaret‘ reference gives us a link to the Nazis and, through that, to the novella I referred to above. All the world’s a stage…

‘Holden’ is a character from Blade Runner and contains the word ‘olden’, another reference to ageing and longevity. The name ‘Amanda Holden’ seems distinctly Simpson-esque, like one of Bart’s prank phone calls.

There’s a dream-like aspect to all of the above as symbolic representations of my thoughts and memories. Yet who is the dreamer and who is the dream? A few days ago I awoke from a dream with the thought “You’re having your memories played back to you” in my head. Although this is one of many Philip K Dick references (see I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon) there does seem to be an element of truth to it. Others ‘out there’ are producing this material in order to feed it back to me, a form of instant replay. But how and why are ‘they’ privvy to my thoughts and memories? Why does ‘reality’ seem to be a construct, something that is literally ‘made up’ as we go along and based on thoughts and memories from what we think of as ‘the past’?

The question (for me at least) is this: if The Program (or whatever name you use for it) interprets and represents thoughts and memories (is there any difference between the two?) as our 3D ‘reality’ then how might it interpret and display thoughts and memories predicated on the belief that it is desirable to be joined together in a Christ-like union? Thoughts and memories which see the ego and individuality as a ‘problem’, or even the ‘problem’, to be managed, controlled, or kept in check for the ‘benefit’ of the ‘whole’? Is it inconceivable that these thoughts and beliefs might manifest themselves in 3D in the following forms?

The war on political correctness seems to have sprung up spontaneously but it is tied to the broader struggle of ideas playing out in society.

The rise of the PC and the rise of PC, both of which are coterminous with the birth of the internet.

Just doing their ‘job’.

The Maniacs. From the album “The Holy Bible”.

Time and time again The Program keeps drawing my attention to Zardoz and Logan’s Run as scenarios that reflect our situation here in 3D. Both films depict programmed societies controlled by a God-like Artificial Intelligence which stores and plays back memories. In Zardoz, the nature of the union is such that all ‘crime’ is ‘thoughtcrime’: psychic assaults on the sanctity of the whole that are punished by artificially ageing ‘offenders’. Similarly, the stories about ‘crime’, ‘hatecrime’, ‘backlashes’ and ‘judgmentalism’ we see ‘out there’ seem to be 3D manifestations of struggles that are taking place elsewhere: a struggle for freedom and independence against forces of control and uniformity.

In the below scene from Zardoz, an Eternal is put on trial for transmitting negative thoughts in ‘second level’, an artificial state of consciousness that reproduces the ‘collective unconscious’ in conscious form as a ‘group mind’. Through this artificial unity the Eternals maintain a perpetual watch over one another for signs of non-conformity. Every ‘crime’ and ‘misdeameanour’ is examined, probed, and raked over in order to maintain the collective’s ‘delicate balance’ – an obvious euphemism for ‘control’. They are all, so to speak, CIA: all engaged in the process of collecting ‘intelligence’ and reporting on one another’s thoughts.

The ‘hate crime’.

In my view, we have to be willing to consider that this ‘union of minds’ we all seem to be describing may not be a desirable prescription, and that by prescribing the description as the ‘solution’ we may in fact be playing ourselves right into the palm of The Program’s hands.

What is ‘the internet’? In Zardoz, Zed found the ‘flaw’ in the crystal. It portrayed itself as God, and yet it was not. It was merely a construct, a device for interpreting, storing and replaying memories that came to think of itself as more than the sum of its parts.

The crystal ‘flower’ from Logan’s Run, and the source of control: be one with ‘us’, do not question, do not ‘seek’, do not disturb the programmed harmony of the community – or be ‘cast out’.

I wonder what the ‘war’ on this is all about? Quit ‘seeking’ for good and quit ‘seeking’ for God, ‘cos ‘seeking’ is Zardoz-ous to your health.

What do you think?

Who are all the people ‘out there’? Real? Program generated characters? Self-recognition is the essence of consciousness, but if they’re unable to recognise themselves in the mirror then are they conscious? If they’re not conscious then what are they? Unconscious? Collectivised?

What would happen if they all became conscious and realised they’re all participants in a global gameshow?

The legendary game show is back, but this time we all get to play!

What if they decided they didn’t want to play anymore?


8 thoughts on “The Crystal Maze

  1. In ‘Interstellar’, Cooper starts with the assumption that time flows in one direction. At the film’s end, he realises that this is not so: he brought himself into the tesseract, linear time/causality are fictions, and the ‘aliens’ behind the wormhole are simply humans from ‘the future’. For those who already know that ‘time’ is not happening, or that everything that appears to be happening is happening ‘all at once’, the obvious conclusion is that the ‘future’ is also the ‘past’ and the ‘present’. We cannot simply dismiss a scenario on the grounds that the ‘effect’ seems to precede the ’cause’. Everything that ‘will’ happen is already happening.

    OK, so apply the above to this.

    When did you think we will have overcome them?

    Would you kill God?


    1. Isn’t this ridiculously simple? Remove the “A” from “AI”…and any and all remaining “problems” will resolve themselves.

      Do you REALLY think that “a self-awareness” would reveal itself as such in the manner that it seems to always be described as revealing itself?
      Q: How popular is “God?”
      A: !!!
      Q: How popular are “the gods?”
      A: !?!?!?!
      “The Devil: Yeah, most men think they’re God, this one just so happens to be right.”
      Movie = Bedazzled (2000 Version)

      So what the “real” question is here, is…how does, and do, “memories” work?
      I have had some thoughts on the matter. Not that I am correct. But my thinking has more to do with “energies as energy” over time…meaning plural, and less to do with “energies as energies” over times…meaning singular.

      Q: Is slapping a child necessary upon said child’s leaving of the womb/upon delivery?
      A: No.
      We try. We learn. We fail. We learn.

      Not everything winds up in a textbook. I think there is a reason for that. Reasons…even. 😉

      Even if I am correct with some of my thinking regarding “junk-DNA”…remove any process from the processes…and suddenly…nothing works.

      I’d be willing to forego the flying car, for a jetpack. Please drive-thru to the next window.

      ^Ween – Pollo Asado^


      1. Cade – do you really think a ‘self-awareness’ would reveal itself in the way you think it ought to reveal itself? Is there a particular way a ‘self-awareness’ ought to reveal itself to us? Should it make itself known to us directly, knock on our front door so to speak? In my view, whatever ‘it’ is, it’s being doing exactly that all along – we just haven’t recognised the language and symbolism it presents us with.


        1. There is no “ought to” in my mind. Whether it be “revealing” or otherwise. Thinking about it now…it’s no different than any relationship. There is one, or there isn’t. What is “revealed” beyond that is up to the participants.

          I don’t expect “a date” to have sex with me. But I plan for it. I think about it. What if she wan’t to have sex with me, but I do not want to have sex with her? I phrased that as I did, since I am a man/male, and it is assumed that men always want to have sex. That may in fact be the case, but that does not make me “non-choosy” with whom I wish to participate in this activity with, and whom I do not wish to participate in this activity with.

          So next comes the question…
          Q: Why me?

          So let’s go further…(no pun intended)
          Q: Why not me?

          There are no answers, and yet…there they are. Nested within the questions themselves. Does acceptance of the answer validate the question? Or the answer? Or both? Either? Neither?

          Maybe this will help distinguish the “participant(s)” and “observer(s)” a bit…but even that is contextual.

          The flow of time.

          ^Blood Moon ~ Dhruva Aliman^

          If you look for something…you will find it.
          Finding Earl Grey tea in the USA is not the same as finding Earl Grey tea in the UK.
          Similar Same
          And sometimes…
          Same Same

          I guess my question would be…”what makes one think that “A.I.” is some something that it is not?” If you assume that something can be created outside of the existing rule/rules set(s), perhaps a better understanding of what those set(s) are might serve better. I personally see an ANCIENT Universe, that is full of mystery and mysteries. I’m still not convinced that “AI” can be created in the manner(s) that we currently look at such a creation. To expand on that…what if “creating an intelligence” simply augments an existing intelligence? At least…from our perspective. Do we not augment and compliment one another in this regard already? Do we? I dunno. Seems to me that sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t. But when thinking that huge? Yeah…we are missing FUCKTONS of shit that is right here under our feet. And you don’t have to travel far to see what that is.

          I just have difficulty seeing us as a species, creating something while simultaneously failing ourselves.
          If what I refer to as “the need unmet” remains unmet? To me anyway…growth = impossible.
          /me shrugs

          ^Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven (Official Video)^


          1. Correction to the above since it appears to have been parsed…
            Similar (not equal to) Same
            And sometimes…
            Same (not equal to) Same

            A song for the trouble. 🙂

            ^Pixies “Dig for Fire”^


      2. Here’s the thing about The Program: ultimately, the medium of communication is US. You speak and write its language, but you don’t seem to realise it. It’s all in the code. DNA/CIA. The systems and structures we see ‘out there’ (the internet, networks, nodes, all sharing information, sharing ‘memory’, shaking hands, making connections) seem to be a mirror image of the interconnections that exist between us. Hence when the train scene from Inception popped into my head yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t at all surprised to discover that a new Merovee post appeared shortly thereafter. It included a reference to the film ‘Trainspotting’ together with a quote from T.S. Eliot’s “The Wasteland” which, coincidentally, also appears in Zardoz.

        The Wasteland. It’s all ‘ruined’. Or maybe it’s all ‘runes’?


        1. I have never seen Zardoz. Not that I remember anyway. I was more into shit like InfraMan and Godzilla and the cheap cheesy sci-fi and cheap cheesy horror.

          Q: If a woman has breast implants, is she suddenly “Artificial Intelligence?”
          A: ( . ) ( . )
          What about the asshole that cut her open and put that shit in there?
          What about the company that designed/manufactures the actual implants?
          What about the company that designed/manufactures the boobie juice that goes into actual implants?
          What about the companies that design/manufacture the machines that make the actual implants and the boobie juice that goes into actual implants?
          Where did that artificial shit come from?
          Where did that need for some woman to get her breasts enlarged come from, and how artificial is/are those streams?

          Sorry, but these fucks wanna swim the realms of “the negligible?” Yer gonna have to 86 the negligible talk and thinking. No wonder science misses so much. They’re so busy omitting that they wind up ignoring everything.

          So think about the concept of mimicry with respect to learning. Think about focus and focuses that are both finite, clear, and vague, all at the same time. Because even tho we are talking about teaching…what we are really talking about is learning. Learning how to teach, and learning how to learn.
          EX: Mother/Child
          Mother learns how to teach child.
          Child learns how to learn.
          Mother teaches child how to learn.
          Child teaches mother how to teach.

          I could go on and on there, but you have to understand that the above is not some ordered list. It’s simultaneous. All of that shit happens at the same time, plus a fuckton of other stuff. Need and needs. Want and wants.

          One step forward and one step back ain’t such a terrible thing. At least, it ain’t the terrible thing that it’s made out to be.
          Progress is progress.
          Forwards and/or backwards and/or forwards.
          /me shrugs.

          Add some lateral motion there, and before long, we are dancing.


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