A few years ago, for want of anything better to do, I decided to resurrect, revise and publish my final year undergraduate dissertation. It was (and remains) a dry academic text, but it gave me something to do and I was pleased with the result. The topic of this critically unacclaimed masterpiece was a little-known sub-discipline within the social sciences. Specifically, the Sociology of the Holocaust. More specifically still, the topic was a subject, the subject being Adolf Eichmann. For those unfamiliar with the name, Eichmann was the SS officer responsible for organising deportations to the extermination facilities dotted throughout the Greater German Reich. At the war’s end, he fled to Argentina, where he remained until Israeli special forces staged an audacious kidnapping in 1960. His subsequent trial, conviction, and execution (as the first Nazi to be tried on Israeli soil) was one of the decades most historically significant events.

Regular readers will know that something keeps drawing me back to the Nazis, the Jews, World War II, and the Cold War period that followed. I can’t explain why, although my visits to Merovee suggest I’m not alone in seeing these patterns, which seem to repeat themselves in various weird and wacky forms, both in the media and ‘out there’ in the ‘real world’. Today, for example, I found myself thinking about the Holocaust as I walked into town. Lost in thought, I happened to lift my head just as a lorry belonging to the Jewsons chain of builder’s merchants drove past. The slogan on the side of the vehicle read “There’s always a Jewsons nearby”. Two minutes further down the road, I lifted my head again to see a poster for a no-sugar version of the Ribena blackcurrant drink, reminding me that it was ‘still juicy’. Again, these things just seem to happen to me. I can’t explain it any more than I can explain how I ended up living in a flat with a Star of David on the roof.

These are not isolated incidents or mere ‘coincidence’. Whilst climbing the hill to my beloved local Co-Op on Sunday evening, two youths emerged from behind a brick wall and crossed my path. At the exact moment I saw them, one said to the other “Give him his dues, they deserve some recognition”. Moments later, at the Co-Op itself, I was not entirely unsurprised to find that the total cost of my shop came to exactly £8.15.


They say time is money, and in this particular case, it really is: 8.15 just happens to be the time at which the Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Mushroom cloud over Hiroshima

Similarly, in response to my last post (it refers to the Einsatzgruppen, Rhodes, and roads), a friend added a comment which included a link to an American news story about the brutal slaying of eight members of the Rhoden family. It’s a thinly veiled reference to Rhodes and to rodents, the latter in relation to the Nazis’ denigration of Jews as vermin. The family members were all shot in the head, execution style.

Einsatzgruppen (German for “task forces”, “deployment groups”; singular Einsatzgruppe; official full name Einsatzgruppen der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD) were Schutzstaffel (SS) paramilitary death squads of Nazi Germany that were responsible for mass killings, primarily by shooting, during World War II. The Einsatzgruppen were involved in the murder of much of the intelligentsia and cultural elite of Poland and had an integral role in the implementation of the Final Solution of the Jewish question (Die Endlösung der Judenfrage) in territories conquered by Nazi Germany.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einsatzgruppen

It seems the ‘rats’ are everywhere. They’re taking over…

Oy ve! Humane or ‘human’? Click the image to read about the plans for ‘extermination’…

Oy Ve

The Einsatzgruppen targeted the intelligentsia and cultural elite.

“[It’s] unusual, they are usually in the universities, the schools, the education system for testing,” Stuart said. “These rats could be introduced by somebody, or maybe because you have unmentionables that come in through the door, they may have something in their belongings [that] could have possibly introduced them as well,” he said.

New York, on the other hand, has openly declared war on rats.

Rats have long been a feature of New York, but authorities have been forced to step up the war on rodents after a record number of complaints from across the city. Some 24,000 people have called a hotline so far this year – and that is only to report the ones they’ve seen above ground.

They’re standing upright, they’re saying ‘Hello Mr. Controller’

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-34612323

And it’s a problem here in the United Casino of Great Britain and All-Seeing Eyeland too.

Family make plea to Belfast City Council as rats plague their home…[the]…landlord said the tenants “keep the house very well” but the rats were causing serious damage to the property…[it’s]…just a matter of time until the lights go out, we would think…[they]…have become somewhat resigned to this problem, but it should be taken very seriously.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-36029779

Needless to say, this is absolutely bonkers and I clearly belong in an institution for the criminally insane. But let’s not rush to declare me non compos mentis just yet. The above is a prime example of a common phenomenon I (and others) experience: my bookcase metaphorically talking to me. In this specific instance, the book in question is Philip K Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. In Dick’s novel, Germany and Japan win the war, yet the ‘reality’ of the Axis powers’ victory is shown to be an illusion, a veil draped over an alternate (albeit equally unreal) ‘reality’ in which Germany and Japan lost the war. Dick wasn’t mad either, and, visionary that he was, grasped the Matrix-like nature of our ‘reality’ as long ago as 1977, right at the beginning of the micro-computer revolution.

I’m not suggesting that the rats we see in this ‘reality’ are Jews in disguise, and for the record, I’m certainly not anti-Semitic and do not regard Jews as ‘rats’. What I am suggesting, however, is that this is a manifestation of the ‘hidden ground’ I referred to in my previous post, in which I talked about information technology, and the 3D world, as a kind of mirror, an imperfect reflection of a veiled reality in which we are the true network. These messages can be construed as distorted images of our actual situation, our actual relationship to one another, manifested through technology in whatever this ‘consensus reality’ (it ‘cons’ the ‘senses’) actually is.

To put this in context, earlier today I had a long conversation with a friend. As ever, we found ourselves eating and drinking one another’s thoughts as the conversation turned to totalitarianism. This was consistent with my thoughts over the last 48 hours because the term ‘rat’ is also a euphemism for a police informant, or a secret police informant in respect of totalitarian regimes. Of course, this too is complete nonsense, and it goes without saying that ‘shopping’ your fellow citizen (an insidious foe who might look exactly like the folk next door) to the State is a thing of the past…

…and certainly not the kind of thing freedom-loving Brits would ever tolerate…


Yet the message is everywhere, drilled into our subconscious…

Shop Now_small

Once again, I’m not suggesting that buying a product equates to turning your neighbour over to the Thought Police. Rather, that this too is a manifestation of the hidden ground or environment. An environment in which posters (symbols) like the below are viewed as ‘creepy’ and Orwellian, while the actual systems of surveillance and control they represent remain firmly in situ and almost entirely unchallenged.


Fancy being ‘called in for questioning’…?

A new study by British researchers has called into question previous theories about how we experience pain. The study, conducted by scientists from University College London (UCL) and the University of Reading, was intended to test the nature of the ‘pain matrix’, a particular pattern of brain activity which is believed to be a reliable indicator for pain. By scanning test participants’ brains while subjecting them to pain, scientists in past studies have consistently observed the same parts of the brain ‘lighting up’, leading to the idea of the ‘pain matrix’ becoming widely accepted.

Source: Independent Online

Great fun, yeah?

These guys are just robots following pre-programmed orders.

This guy was a robot following pre-programmed orders.


Eichmann attended the [Wannsee] conference only as minute-taker and observed with surprise the ease with which significant figures from key German ministries accepted the Final Solution, not to mention the eagerness with which they agreed to their allotted roles. This was a pivotal moment for Eichmann, who felt “something of the satisfaction of Pilate, because I felt entirely innocent of any guilt. The leading figures of the Reich at the time had spoken … the ‘popes’ had given their orders, it was up to me to obey, and that is what I bore in mind over the future years” (trial session 79-1).

— excerpt from Eichmann, Bureaucracy, and the Holocaust

The universal chorus is “Just doing my job…”, but are you ‘just doing’ your ‘job’ or is your ‘job’ doing you?

job (v.) 1660s, “to buy and sell as a broker” (intransitive), from job (n.). Meaning “deal in public stocks on one’s own account” is from 1721. Meaning “to cheat, betray” is from 1903; earlier “pervert pubic service to private advantage” (1732). Related: Jobbed; jobbing.

That job I quit last year? I was a ‘Solution Manager’. I’m really glad I quit that job…

Still unconvinced? You think events such as the below are ‘real’ perhaps?

Paris November Carnage Small

Even though they’re really just echoes of pain, loss, and separation from ancient mythology.

Paris, Prince of Troy, feared that he would lose his beloved Helen.

Similarly, the story of ISIS and Osiris is one of plot and intrigue, betrayal and deception. Isis just wanted to pull the pieces together and complete her union with Osiris.

What about these guys then? The Eagles of Death Metal.

eagles of death metal

The Nazi Eagle.

Nazi Eagle

The Death’s Head symbol of the SS.


You don’t need me to tell you that the Nazi’s had a thing about death…


Organisation Todt was responsible for constructing the Nazi’s network of roads.

The Todt Organisation (German: Organisation Todt, OT) was a Third Reich civil and military engineering group in Germany named after its founder, Fritz Todt, an engineer and senior Nazi figure. The organization was responsible for a huge range of engineering projects both in pre-World War II Germany, in Germany itself and occupied territories from France to the Soviet Union during the war. It became notorious for using forced labour.

The history of the organisation falls into three phases. A pre-war period lasted from 1933 to 1938 during which Todt’s primary office was that of the General Inspector of German Roadways (Generalinspektor für das deutsche Straßenwesen) and his primary responsibility, the construction of the Autobahn network. The organisation was able to draw on “conscripted” (i.e. compulsory) labour, from within Germany, through the Reich Labour Service (Reichsarbeitsdienst, RAD).

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organisation_Todt

On another blog I follow, it seems that the dead Prince had an issue with pill popping…

EXCLUSIVE: Prince’s former drug dealer tells how the legend spent $40,000 at a time on six-month supplies of Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches – highly addictive opioid pain killers – for 25 years…

The dealer said the musician suffered crippling stage fright and could not get on stage and perform without the drugs…had a phobia of doctors so could not obtain a prescription legally. Doctor D said: ‘He was always a pill man – that’s why nobody ever saw him do drugs. He never shot up, or snorted cocaine’

Source: https://cfrankdavis.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/the-pill-poppers

Dr ‘D’ and the ‘pill’. Again, we come full circle to Philip K. Dick.

The United States has lost the war on drugs. Substance D, a powerful and dangerous drug that causes bizarre hallucinations, has swept the country. Approximately 20% of the total population is addicted. In response, the government has developed an invasive, high-tech surveillance system and a network of undercover officers and informants.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Scanner_Darkly_%28film%29#Plot

What is ‘Substance D’?

The real Final Solution: Osiris and Isis reunited in Communion. The Body and the Blood, taken in remembrance of Him.

For some reason, Facebook wants me to share this memory with you.


I took the photo years ago. The location? Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery.

Some might disagree, but I suspect ‘someone’ is receiving the message loud and clear…

They’re standing upright, they’re saying ‘Hello Mr. Controller’

So, shall we start over again?
Shall we say “Fuck the Pain Matrix”?



15 thoughts on “Fuck The Pain Matrix

  1. Ha, and no sooner do I publish this post than I see a friend has sent me this link:

    “A fibroblast is a type of cell that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen,[1] the structural framework (stroma) for animal tissues, and plays a critical role in wound healing. Fibroblasts are the most common cells of connective tissue in animals.”


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naz…
      Ah… Yesterday I posted the ‘pain matrix’ story at Blue Frank’s Prince the Pill Popper post:


      Prince was a Jehovah’s Witness, so I was interested to read of a JW connection to the SS castle Wewe(ls)burg:

      ‘It began with 480 prisoners from Sachsenhausen, and grew to 1200, consisting chiefly of Soviet POWs and captured foreign labourers shipped to Germany, although early in its life it was also a gathering point for Jehovah’s Witness prisoners. Correspondingly, a large percentage of the concentration camp inmates at Niederhagen who were working on the Wewelsburg Castle were indeed Jehovah’s Witnesses, perhaps the only place where they constituted the core KZ population.[43] During the SS’s December 1942 Korherr Report it was reported to have only housed 12 Jews, all of whom had died.[44]’


      Liked by 1 person

          1. Just writing a post for the LoL, Hugo, so your update is very interesting 😉

            pariah (n.)
            1610s, from Portuguese paria or directly from Tamil paraiyar, plural of paraiyan “drummer” (at festivals, the hereditary duty of members of the largest of the lower castes of southern India), from parai “large festival drum.” “Especially numerous at Madras, where its members supplied most of the domestics in European service” [OED]. Applied by Hindus and Europeans to any members of low Hindu castes and even to outcastes. Extended meaning “social outcast” is first attested 1819.



  2. Hugo

    In true ‘The Man in the High Castle’ what I’m getting is that WW2 didn’t happen and neither presumably have other wars. I’ve been looking at child murders recently, in particular Sarah Payne and the Ian Huntley murder of the two girls and and I’m seeing the same pattern.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paisley Park Estate

      Just scene that thanks to your probing, Hugo 😉 Shiny has a road to Rome hidden in his latest post:

      ‘The current name Nevis was derived from a Spanish name Nuestra Señora de las Nieves by a process of abbreviation and anglicisation. The Spanish name means Our Lady of the Snows. It is not known who chose this name for the island, but it is a reference to the story of a 4th-century Catholic miracle: a snowfall on the Esquiline Hill in Rome.[6] Presumably the white clouds that usually cover the top of Nevis Peak reminded someone of this story of a miraculous snowfall in a hot climate.’



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