Eighteen years ago a younger and more earnest incarnation of Hugo quit a dead-end job as a Mainframe Operator to ‘enlarge his mind’. It was 1998 and I’d spent the previous year undertaking an Open University course, which much to my surprise my local university agreed to accept in lieu of A levels, not to mention a noticeable lack of O levels. My sudden desire to go to university was also something of a surprise, because I’d always considered formal schooling a complete waste of time. Education in the form that was thrust upon me as a child seemed irrelevant and very far removed from everyday life and personal experience. I detested school and was far happier locked away in my room, where I could read science fiction novels and weighty tomes about the universe and space travel. After leaving school I started to educate myself and read every book on cosmology, philosophy and logic my local library had to offer. Then I found myself drawn to social and political issues, which led me to the Open University and on to university proper, where I read Sociology and Politics.

I have to say that if the much derided discipline that is Sociology taught me anything then it was the value of questioning taken-for-granted assumptions. Few and far between are those who question the unseen and unwritten rules that constitute the social order, which is odd when you consider the time and importance we afford to social interaction. Odder still is that most of us accept without question the ‘reality’ of the ‘material world’ that underpins it all. Scientists are equipped with the empirical tools and mindset of their trade and seek to discover the nature of ‘reality’ rather than question the reality of reality. At the other end of the spectrum are the devoutly religious, who accept ‘reality’ for what it appears to be even as they acknowledge it as a ‘creation’ and, by that very fact, an artificial construct. In between lie the ‘average joes’, most of whom are too wrapped up in a struggle for economic survival (or economic one-upmanship) to care less one way or the other.

Truth be told, my brain went into standby mode after I completed my degree: I found myself qualified for nothing in particular and returned to the world of ICT. The ‘noughties’ passed by in a blur and my synapses didn’t fire again until 2010. In the intervening years I’d continued my well established track record of quitting jobs and in 2015 I surpassed myself by quitting two in the space of two months. Within days of quitting the second I found myself sucked down a rabbit hole as part of what feels very much like a multi-stage initiation into the nature of this mysterious ‘thing’ we call ‘reality’. From where I am right now I can tell you that I have no doubt whatsoever that ‘reality’ ain’t real, the irony being that the ‘experiential’ nature of the journey defies conventional analysis and presentation in terms of logic, evidence, validity and repeatability. The ‘rational’ mind is firmly wedded to the safe and supposedly sane world of the five senses and rebels against challenges to their dominance.

A friend of mine recently embarked on a journey to the Peruvian jungle to meet with a shaman and get to the heart of this reality thing, a.k.a. ‘The Program’. As ever, his departure was heralded by The Daily Mail, which I think of more as a digital extension of my mind than an online news outlet. His departure followed my two previous posts, both of which referenced ‘echo’ (or in this case ‘eco’) in the context of the myth of Narcissus and Echo. Shortly prior to this, acclaimed novelist Umberto Eco died and a recruitment agency sounded me out for a tech job with a utility company called Echo.


My friend returned yesterday. Once again, I was given a ‘heads up’. It’s not for me to fully describe the nature of this persons experience with the shaman and a psychedelic substance, suffice to say that he literally went out of his mind, separated from his ego identity and escaped (albeit temporarily) from the ‘prison’ of the material world into raw, uninhabited and uncontrolled space.


The material world is one of time and space and the two are bound together. The unreality of the space we inhabit is demonstrated by equally unreal temporal effects. For example, the below article managed to predict the subject matter of this probe before I’d even started to write it.

Probe After Claim Footballers Got Banned Drugs. A British doctor is filmed telling reporters he gave performance-enhancing drugs to Premier League stars and other top sportsmen.

Source: http://news.sky.com/story/1671735/probe-after-claim-footballers-got-banned-drugs

Ditto this article, which also refers to the Peru ‘drugs mule’ story.


Whereas this article describes my friend’s experience several days before he told me about it.


Similarly, this is the Daily Mail’s current lead article. The significance lies in the etymology of the term ‘dementia‘.


The female split or divided from the male. She thought he was suffering from a case of the navy blues. Here, have some in-formation.

navy blue

So what exactly is going on? Put simply, I believe the answer is that we’re looking for an exit, a way out of the ‘prison’ of the material world…


…and that the Doors of Perception are opening.

Huxley’s experiments with mescaline and LSD led him to conclude that the individual human brain acts as a ‘bypass valve’. The purpose of the bypass valve is to limit individual consciousness, to filter out the ‘noise’ generated by the ‘universal mind’ of the cosmos itself and restrict individual perception to those sensory inputs necessary for survival in the material world.

Today, however, that bypass valve is collapsing.


A friend on Merovee alerted me to the above story last night, literally minutes after I listened to this song.

We no longer wish to be constrained by limited, individual, subjective perceptions and controlling influences. We want to be free to do what we want to do.


What we are experiencing now is psychedelia without substance.

Jack is puzzled…

…or perhaps he just finds it amazing?

And what is psychedelia?

psychedelic (adj.) from Greek psykhe- “mind” (see psyche) + deloun “make visible, reveal,” from delos “visible, clear,” from PIE root *dyeu- “to shine” (see diurnal). In popular use from 1965 with reference to anything producing effects similar to that of a psychedelic drug or enhancing the effects of such a drug.

Source: http://etymonline.com

The problem with a traditional drug-based solution is that the effects – no matter how profound – are temporary. The shaman’s blues only allow us to wake up and believe whatever we want to believe.


The question at the heart of all this: what is ‘The Program’? I posted this over on Merovee earlier today.

And this is one of the few academics daring enough to question the ‘reality’ of reality…

Are we living in a simulation, a vast neural network programmed to reflect our own subconscious thoughts and desires ‘out there’ in what we think of as the ‘real world’? A network that creates the illusion of The Many from The One?

The Indian Kolkata bypass collapse has been labelled an ‘act of God’. Why does so much of what happens ‘out there’ resemble this?

The ‘Joker’ or ‘Trickster’ figure is so evident in many of these stories, but is he/she/it just another manifestation of the unconscious? Or is he/she/it the System Administrator, a Benny Hill version of The Architect with a penchant for sex and disaster movies? Ultimately, it’s not real so no one really suffers and no one real dies…and if you think about it, how else could he/she/it capture the modern human’s goldfish-like attention?

We’re seeing the environment…

Goldfish in bowl
The fish is never aware of the water in which it swims

…but what is it…?

Can the nuclear family (billions of fragmented atoms) turn fission into fusion (the Many into The One) and return to Eden?

One thing’s for sure – it’s crazy baby. Far out man. Peace.


Over on Merovee, Dream reminds us of the 2015 Miss Universe fiasco.

universe (n.) 1580s, “the whole world, cosmos, the totality of existing things,” from Old French univers (12c.), from Latin universum “all things, everybody, all people, the whole world,” noun use of neuter of adjective universus “all together, all in one, whole, entire, relating to all,” literally “turned into one,” from unus “one” (see one) + versus, past participle of vertere “to turn” (see versus).

Source: http://etymonline.com

At university, my very first essay was on Claude Levi-Strauss and structural linguistics. The question posed was “Does language structure or represent reality?”

Have we got our blue genes on?

The answer? Welcome to the Mass-age.


9 thoughts on “Shaman’s Blues

    1. Hi Hugo

      Great article. One of the things that jump out is how the stories are also reflected in my own life and your ‘friend’s’ 🙂 journey has been similar to mine over the last month or so, but in a slightly different manner.

      I’m sensing on Merovee and also in my personal relationships there seems to be an overlap. An example is with you and me where we both saw the strange plane on the day of the Olympics closing ceremony. Maybe, it’s the same journey in the One Mind but we just experience it differently.

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      1. Frank, I’ll never forget that plane. I remember it well (and not only because of the photo) because I was ‘on the beach’ at Snailbeach Lead Mine.

        Like you, my local newspaper sign speaks to me on a regular basis, as do passing vans and lorries and random acts and utterances from friends and people at work. Like you, I wonder about the ‘provenance’ of these ‘coincidental’ non-coincidences. One example I often cite is that of Andreas Christopheros, one of a growing number of acid/a-seed attack victims. Andreas the Christ-fearer with a 33-year-old wife named Pia (pious) and a son named Theo (God). Is he ‘real’? Are we? What cosmic forces lined him up with these highly topical personal details and put his head in the way of a jar of battery acid, seemingly for the sole purpose of alerting us to the unreality of our reality?

        He opened the door and “Bang! This is for you mate”


  1. Hugo,

    Excellent blog, as usual. There are a surprising number of people out there who are becoming aware that consensual reality is not real, and you are one of the few people who can write about in a way that is both compelling and seemingly rational. That said, yes, language structures reality and language also represents reality (i.e. the simulation that we call reality). Thus, as I think you have gathered, words are the building blocks of the matrix/prison. And what is outside the prison cannot be described with words.

    Having recently visited a shaman in the Amazon myself, I can relate that Amazonian shamans, though they are uneducated and live in shacks in the middle of the jungle, possess a wisdom beyond our own. That, I know, is a cliché and a common refrain of ignorant discontents who desire an end of progress and return to nature, but it is true. If any of the discontents were to actually visit a shaman in the Amazon, they would find that the shamans there do not suggest that living in a shack is a superior existence. They say that it doesn’t matter where or how you live and that one should live however one wants to live.

    Furthermore, the shamans of the Amazon are not uneducated. They undertake a rigorous course of study over many years. They do not learn from books, but they are instructed by elder masters in much the way that Socrates instructed his pupils, and they learn everything from the medicinal properties of plants (their medical knowledge is now being recognized in the West) to politics and philosophy. Their knowledge of what we call reality and the realm beyond is bar none, more profound even than the knowledge of Pythagorean Brotherhood and all its successors.

    At the same time, an Amazonian shaman is always careful to point out that knowledge of the true reality—the spirit world, The Program, which is the place where we actually are—cannot be conveyed in words. A shaman can point a person in the right direction, and shamans, like The Program, often deploy trickery because no person will go in the right direction unless he is tricked into doing so. But ultimately, one can learn about the true reality only from experience. And, in fact, the true reality cannot be known. It can be seen, which is different from known and different from observed, but it cannot be comprehended. It is, by its very nature, incomprehensible. It will never make sense because it doesn’t.

    What is The Program? It is everything, including you and me. And it is nothing. It is no-thing. It cannot be understood logically because it does not think logically. It does not think at all. A shaman will tell you that the best way to understand The Program is to stop thinking altogether.

    Like you, a shaman has passed through progressive levels of initiation. That initiation is a gradual process of becoming. The shaman becomes The Program, a no-thing that does not think, that does not explain, that does not rationalize. I call it The Program because I continue to cling to words and the need to describe. A shaman simply calls it “nothing.” Ask a shaman who created the universe, and the shaman will tell you that nobody created the universe. Ask a shaman what happens after we die, and the shaman will say “nothing.” Ask a shaman what a shaman knows, and a shaman will say “nothing.”

    Ask a shaman what is nothing, and the shaman will say “ayahuasca.” And a shaman will tell you that ayahuasca is everything. The scientists say that ayahuasca is a “hallucinogenic” concoction made of plants, the suggestion being that what one sees on ayahuasca is not real–a delusion. The exception are scientists who have actually tried ayahuasca themselves with the guidance of true shamans who know how to use the plants from years of study and experience.

    To participate in an ayahuasca ceremony with a true shaman is to see the true reality. There is no way to convince anyone of that other than to tell them to try it for themselves. And even most people who try it do not see the true reality. They will begin to see the first time they try ayahuasca, but that is only a beginning. To see the true reality, one must go through the many levels of initiation. You, Hugo, have gone through many of those levels, and so ayahuasca would likely show you the true reality in fairly short order. If you had started taking ayahuasca years ago, you would have been initiated more quickly.

    So, yes, use words to encourage people to seek, but do not seek to explain. The true reality, though it is incomprehensible and beyond logic, does have a logic of its own. It is a logic unbound by any rules, a logic by which everything is logical. When you see that true reality, anything can logically exist and what makes sense is that which you want to make sense. That might seem irrational within the constructs of consensual reality, but all that exists in consensual reality doesn’t matter because consensual reality itself does not exist. You have asked before how we can go about manifesting a better reality. A shaman will tell you that you cannot change consensual reality. A shaman will tell you that there is no reason to change consensual reality because there is nothing wrong with consensual reality. It is neither good nor bad. And a thing that we perceive to be good is not qualitatively better than a thing that is bad.

    However, the fact remains that we perceive (imagine) some things to be good and other things to be bad. The fact also remains that things we perceive to be bad make us less happy. If our goal is to be happy, it would be nice if we could make the bad things go away. A shaman will tell you that it is possible to make bad things go away, and manifest good things. It is also possible to manifest bad things. The shamans in the Amazon do this on a regular basis. They practice both white magic and black magic. They will tell you that anyone can learn to practice magic because we as individuals exist and do not exist at the same time.

    To the extent that we exist—or imagine ourselves to exist—we exist in multiple dimensions, a concept similar to what physicists are now calling the multi-verse. The consensual reality that you perceive is your reality only because you perceive it to be. We cannot change the consensual reality per se, but we can change ourselves and our perceptions. And if we can change ourselves and our perceptions, we can change the reality within which we exist (or imagine ourselves to exist). We cannot change the consensual reality, but we can exist in a different reality.

    What I refer to as the “true” reality is, in fact, no more real than any other reality. It is simply a perception of an ideal reality, and it is ideal precisely because it cannot be judged qualitatively. It is ideal because nothing is good and nothing is bad, and therefore there is nothing that needs to be changed.

    If a person comes to a shaman saying that she wants a better job, the shaman will teach that person to perceive that she exists in a different reality—a different dimension or a different universe—where she has a better job. And since everything is perception—that is, an illusion—the person who genuinely imagines herself to have a better job will, in fact, have a better job. Alternatively, the person will imagine that she likes the job she already has. It seems improbable that we can simply image ourselves in a different reality, and perceive that different reality to be real, but it is not improbable. It is precisely what happens when one takes ayahuasca, and it is simply a matter of learning how to do it on a daily basis.

    But for the shaman, the ultimate truth is that it doesn’t matter if someone has a better job. The ultimate truth is that nothing matters. The ultimate truth is the true reality perceived with the help of ayahuasca, which, like consensual reality, is a hallucinatory reality, but a reality in which nothing matters. The effects of ayahuasca are temporary, but after experiencing the ayahuasca reality, one can learn to retain the effects without the drug, and the shamans have learned to do just that.

    The shamans live every day in a reality where nothing matters. And in a place where nothing matters, everything goes. That is the paradox of zero=infinity, nothing is everything, everything is nothing. We see a shaman sitting in a hut without electricity. The shaman sees himself living in the most spectacular city imaginable, his every desire fulfilled. In that place, since there is no logic, there is also nothing illogical. Or, to put another way, as I mentioned a moment ago, everything is logical. This is the place where the masters of every mystical tradition reside. The Buddhists call it Nirvana. The Nizari Muslims describe as the place where “nothing is true; and everything is permitted.”

    Correct, Hugo, “We want to be free to do what we want to do.” We already are. There is no logic preventing us from doing what we want to do, and it is perfectly logical to do anything that we want to do, no matter how illogical. It is simply a matter of knowing what we want to do, and that is matter of perception. It is also matter of realizing that you do not exist in this reality. You exist in the ideal reality, where it doesn’t matter what you do. And you do not exist at all. If you imagine yourself to exist in a consensual reality that you do not like, then learn to imagine something else. If you do not like a given thing the current reality that you perceive, then perceive that thing in a different way.

    That, of course, is not easy. But it is possible. The shamans of the Amazon have done it, and I assure you that every one of those shamans lives in paradise. They do not live in the world that you know. And we ourselves have come a long way simply by knowing that nothing is real. Consider what we have learned as result of our initiations so far. War? It doesn’t matter. It’s a joke. All the other horrors in the news? They don’t matter. They’re hilarious farces. People like us already exist in a reality completely different from consensual reality. The hard part that remains is believing in the unreality of things that affect us personally. Unemployed and without money? It doesn’t matter. Believe that it doesn’t matter and it won’t. Be like the shamans, who are also unemployed and without money.

    The truth is what you perceive. And you, like the shamans, live in a golden palace with every desire fulfilled. In fact, it’s even better than that. It’s nothing. As you will see when you see.

    P.S. If you aren’t able to travel to a shaman, read Carlos Castaneda’s books about his apprenticeship with the Mexican shaman don Juan. The first is “The Teachings of Don Juan,” which basically describes Castaneda’s failure to understand and ultimate dismissal of the shaman. The second, “A Separate Reality,” describes Castaneda’s successful understanding of that which makes no sense, and his attainment of the power to manifest reality. Don Juan’s words can guide you to the path to the final intiation, though they cannot explain. His principal advice (paraphrased): “Stop thinking. Stop asking questions. Learn by doing. With doing comes seeing. And it’s a fucking struggle. So live like a warrior. Be prepared for anything. Know that knowledge is dangerous. If you do not like it, then kill it. And laugh.”

    Don Juan in the High Castle

    P.P.S. Yes, we have our blue genes on. That alone is seeing.

    Oasis (Isis and I): Champagne Supernova

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      1. Hi Hugo great article as always if you look back on MV a few years back I was talking about the syncs depicting a prison break in fact it was depicting more than one breakout it was showing two sides breaking out at the same moment….but I was only repeating what I was shown at the time. for me I have always known we cannot stay here (in this reality/illusion/matrix) for whatever reason we have to leave….

        Moreover it would appear that it is only those who have been completely awakened that are able to leave….and travel outside of the matrix I don’t know why but I suspect its about our past bloodlines….and Vik’s comments above also contain many good points in fact its probably one of his most important and insightful comments to date….as Vik rightly points out we can change our personal reality our perception of this world… I have been changing both my thinking and my words which have had a tremendous impact on my personal situation….. However no suprise in saying as always I don’t agree with everything .. 😉 I don’t believe in taking the path of the Shaman we dont need drugs or plants or the guidance/control of other men or women to show US the Way home….it will happen naturally just as its been happening to each of us so far…. its all about being patient in our waiting for the right time…but we will need each other after that as I get the strongest feeling that we are mean’t to work as a team…

        Last spring/summer I thought I was losing my mind as the veil of this world was ripped away it was both exhilarating and terrifying as well as absolute bonkers I didn’t know how to explain what was happening to me and I couldn’t tell anyone for fear of being locked up in a straitjacket but since then my understanding has been greatly increased I still dont pretend to have all the answers but I just know that we won’t have long to wait…before the walls come crashing down…

        like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory we each will soon receive a golden (lucky) ticket..


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